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Mehndi Designs are getting popular once again!. In olden days Mehandi is used when their is some sort of festival or a marriage, but now-a-day’s girls adorning themselves with henna designs as a fashion.

Not only in India or Pakistan but also in some parts of the middle east a bride is incomplete without the Mehendi Designs. provides you with lot of designs to choose starting from Indian Mehandi Designs to Arabic Mehandi Designs.

Mehandi can be applied to both hands and feet. There are different kinda of Mehandi Cone Brands available in the market now, but in the past people used to take the leafs of Henna Plant and were preparing mehandi. As Mehandi cones are available designing becames easier.

Either you can go to Mehendi Designer with the picture or if your talented enough you can applying on your own!

Among all of the societal customs, mehndi is one of the popular norms. Mehendi designs are applied on hand and foot from very old times but despite of their ancient history, mehandi designs seems very newer. Mehndi designs are very famous among woman of all age.

This the reason why with time to time and occasion to occasion, a long cascade of variety of mehndi designs for hands and foot are introduced. Mehendi designs are very common almost in all of the places of sub-continent. Mehndi designs for hands and foot are that much liked among women that some occasions are seemed to be incomplete or dull if women don’t flourish their hands and foot with these beautiful mehendi designs. Women really enjoy their lively events really with charming and good-looking mehendi designs on their foot and hands.

Mehandi designs are available in so many forms but the most common mehndi designs which are very much liked by females include the following:

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Arabic Mehndi designs

These are very simple in their designing pattern and most of the time, they are consist of leaves, flowers, veins etc. hands and foot get partially filled with Arabic mehndi designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi designs

They are considered to be the most famous mehandi designs for hands and foot. This is the reason why Indian mehndi designs are available in a long range. Pakistani mehendi designs – they are actually a merger form. Pakistani mehndi designs are formed when both of the Indian mehndi designs as well as the Arabic mehndi designs are combined together.

Indian Mehandi Designs

African Mehndi Designs

These designs also partially fill hands and foot as that of the Arabic mehendi design for foot and hands and most of the time, they consist of line, square and dot.

Mehandi designs are mostly used in case of traditional festivals as a beautiful art work on hands and foot. Mehandi design actually took birth in South Africa. At that time, mehendi designs were employed on the hands and foot of the bride before the happiest occasion of her life i.e. her wedding. After that, the history also tells that the bridegroom also used to have mehandi designs on his hand in some of the regions of India. For e.g. in Rajhistan which is region in India, the grooms used to have specific mehndi designs that were reserved for the bride grooms only. Assam is another region of India where mehendi designs were applied not only by brides but also by the unmarried girls during an event which is named as rongali bihu. It shows that mehandi designs for hands and foot can be applied not only by married women but also by the unmarried women.

Among Muslims, mehndi designs for hands and foot also bear a great importance. The Muslim women use to flourish their foot and hands on the most happiest and lively events of their life like eid ul fitr, eid ul azha, wedding ceremonies etc. some of the Muslim women also used to dye their hair and nail with mehendi.

Some of our top mehandi designs are :

1. Best Mehandi Design

Best Mehandi Design

2. Full hand Mehandi Designs

Full hand Mehandi Designs

3. Back Hand Side Mehandi

Back Hand Side Mehandi

4. Simple Mehendi Design

Simple Mehendi Design

5. Mehendi


6. Bridal Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi Design

7. Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs

8. Simple but beautiful Mehndi

 Simple but beautiful Mehndi

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